Esthetic Services


Deep Cleansing

Full analyses of skin type and condition, cleansing, extraction of black heads, full disinfection using a high frequency machine. Face massage with a cream based on  Mila d'Opiz ingredients. Mask according to your own type of skin.


Swiss Winter Facial

This facial is specialized to meet the needs of winter's harsh in Canada. An anti-cold repairing system, that is a three steps moisturizer enriched with cocoa/shea butter and rice bran oil, infused with vitamin C and E and Edelweiss extract.



Peeling facial (comparable to microdermobration). Peeling treatment by Mila d'Opiz has the following active ingredients that eliminate dead cells allowing products to penetrate to the maximum:

  • Vulcanized stone
  • Papaya extract (protein splitting Enzymes, that improves peeling effect).


Acne Treatment

This treatment is focused on controlling the oil glands. Total cleansing and extraction, full disinfection with high frequency machine, and soothing mask.


Brighter & Whiter 

New formula for pigmentation disorder, age spots, summer freckles, acne scars, eliminates yellow-tone complexion. Natural and safe, for face and body. Swiss whitening products can be used over a long period without any side effects.


Swiss Anti-age (for demanding skin)

Swiss Series 2000+ has launched a complete skin care program to treat all of your specific needs. For the sophisticated woman, demanding ultimate care in firming and minimizing deep lines and wrinkles.


Swiss Cell-Tox

The Swiss Cell- Tox therapy (six treatments recommended for maximum results) No Injection !!

If you haven't try Cell-Tox it's not too late.

For her and him !!! The cosmetic alternative to BOTOX (Botulium Toxin A).

In the word of dermatology more and more woman and man are having Botox, Laser, Peelings, Acid Treatments and other non-surgical techniques to help their skin maintain it's youthful appearance. Mila d'Opiz Swiss Cell Tox therapy is offering highly active cosmetology but in a safe, non-irritant, easy to apply form. Swiss Cell-Tox has been clinically tested and developed exclusively for the beauty therapist.



With the passing of time skin tissue has a decreased capacity of production and therefore looses tone and elasticity. Thanks to the high collagen concentration in the products used in this treatment, your skin gains elasticity and radiance. The result is smooth and soften skin with wrinkles visible reduced.


Swiss Eye Treatment 

This treatment is targeted to repair the sensitive areas around the eyes, smoothing  fine line wrinkles and removing dark circles.

Fragile tissue requires optimum care and treatment.


Swiss Glacier Water Facial *Raluca's choice!

Skin Rejuvenation -a new facial for everyone. Swiss glacier water comes from the Alpine Glacier in Zermatt. It is ultra pure and contains a unique combination of minerals. It is the deepest cleansing facial and combined with skin feeding procedures, will make the skin super fit. 

Super Cleansing + Super Nutrition = Super Fitness which Shows

Esthetic Services
A variety of treatments at competitive prices.
Facial Treatment Type   Price
Basic $99
Deep Cleansing $115
Swiss Winter Facial $125
Peel $90
Acne Treatment $120
Brighter & Whiter $145
Swiss Anti-Age $155
Collagen $125
Swiss Eye Treatment $58
Swiss Glacier Water Facial $125
 Ask us about our special packages!

Hair Removal - Wax Type                  Price

Eyebrow Shaping                                                   $15

Lip Wax                                                                $12

Chin Wax                                                              $22

Side of Face                                                          $27

Full Arm                                                               $45

Half Arm                                                               $30

Under Arm                                                            $22

Chest Wax                                                             $45

Back Wax                                                              $68 and up

Bikini                                                                    $30

Brazilian                                                               $60

Full Leg                                                                $90

Lower Leg                                                             $48

Upper Leg                                                             $62