Precious - Exclusive - Highest Quality

 Collagen Optima Cream 

 Ultra rich  24 hour care for dry, dehydrated sensitive skin. Purest jojoba oil and a high level of hyaluronic acid enable the skin to regain its firmness. Latest nano-technology  "Nanomax" carries high tech stabilized Vitamin C, E and Q10 to the deeper layers to boost collagen synthesis.  For face, neck & decollete.                   


 Sanddorn Cream

New Energy for Tired Skin. For normal, dry, sensitive skin. A highly concentrated vitamin cocktail which feeds the skin from the inside to balance its deficiencies. Enriched with seabuckthorn fruit extract & omega fatty acids for an authentic natural power pack that stimulates all skin functions, tones connective tissues and promotes formation of new cells. For day and/or night. Highly recommended for thin, dry skin.


 Cell Support Cream

Especially designed for the woman with really mature skin. Use as a protection care cream during the day, and as a repairing cream during the night.The repair complex 'Revitalin" helps mature, thining skin improve tone and strength. A high proportion of caring and hydrating substances make it the "all-around turnaround" formula


 Collagen Optima Lotion

A light day cream for all skin types, will take care of lack of moisture. Includes UV protection. Also perfect for all day care for men after shaving.  For face, neck & decollete.   


 Plant Effect Serum 

 For all skin types, for all ages. Can be used alone or combibined with other Mila d'Opiz products. Natural, pure Aloe Vera gel in high concentration(contains more than 160 different substances), sage & lemon extracts are the basis of the unique concentrate. Just a few drops for a youthful, vital skin. Fragrance free.


 Refresher Spray

A skin care aid for all ages, males and females. Supplies cooling, mineral moisturizing refreshment in summer and, an instant relief from tired, thirsty skin in winter in heated rooms. Can be used morning & evening as an intensifying moisturizer and mineral supplier by itself or under any Mila d'Opiz facial cream. Can be used over make-up. Great for travelers. For face, neck & decollete.


 ATP Eye Zone Gel

Oil free cooling gel with energizing substances to improve skin elasticity and smooth visible lines and wrinkles.  For men, women of all ages. Suitable for contact lenses wearers. In case of eye bags, use generously in the evening.




Plant stem cells combined with bio-technological actives to correct early signs of premature skin aging.

 Phyto Lift Cream

A unique, luxurious 24-hour day and night skin and eye contour care. Formulated with plant stem cells to protect and stimulate the skin's stem cells and delay chronological skin aging. Facial contours are strengthened and lines softened.



Based on encapsulated vitamins A,C,E, to replenish skin with lost energy and vitamins

 2 in 1 Vitamin Cleanser

Gel-like cleansing lotion with moisturizing ingredients and vitamins.


 Q10 Vital Cream

Light, fruity cream to support skin's functions. Q10 assists your skin to look younger for longer.


 Vitalizing Eye Cream

Fragrance free. It supports natural cell functions and treat lines and wrinkles for a refreshed appearance in the eye area.


 Enriched Vitamin Cream

Rich cream for dry, tired skin. It contains shea butter  and cocoa butter in combination with encapsulated vitamins for a smoother, radiant skin. Also suitable as a winter protection cream.


 Skin Vital Cell Support Cream

It keeps dry facial skin balanced with its exclusive combination of encapsulated vitamins.

 50 ml 

 Anti Spot Concentrate with Vitamin C Cream

A light, moisturizing serum for an even skin tone. It helps to counter sun-related pigmentation and age spots.


 Vitamin Capillary Balm

It visibly works to balance redness and enlarged blood vessels immediately after application. Encapsulated vitamin complexes in combination with Marigold and ginkgo biloba extracts leave skin smoother.



For oily, combination, impure or large pore skin with a tendency towards spots.

 Purifying Serum

A light concentrate that regulates & normalises sebum production, plus a micro-silver (contains non-allergenic nano-technology silver ions which enter into the skin and remove bacteria or dirt. A sponge like ingredient which cleans the skin and prevents break outs.) that neutralises impurities. Also suitable for sensitive  skin


 Purifying Yeast Mask

Gently removes dead skin cells and surface sebum without irritation. Acts as a prophylactic (protects from infection) against impurities.


 Purifying Peeling

A gentle creamy, deep peeling with fine round granules and extract of fruit-based acids and soothing substances.



Swiss Natural Care for young, sensitive skin or skin that is prone to irritations. A light texture blend of active ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Bisabolol, Panthenol, Macadamia Nut Oil extracts and other precious elements.

 2-in-1 Cleanser

A mild cleanser


 Day Cream

A light & mild day cream for a glowing skin.


 24-hour Gel

The perfect lightweight care for young, normal skin.


 Night Cream

A velvety-soft cream for regeneration and night care.


 Calming Mask

Exceptional and immediate relief from redness and irritation.



A Swiss Anti-Age technology. All products in this series are based upon the remineralising powers of Swiss Glacier Water and different active peptide complexes. Skin Refine is a rejuvenating elixir for the skin.

 Softening Tonic

A silky-soft tonic that creates a coat of hydration.


 Cell Assistant  Cream

It will tighten the skin and helps it look its best.


 Rejuvenesse Cream

An extra smooth cream to combat the first signs of fatigue and give your skin a special luminosity.


 Intensive Repair Cream

A very rich cream that helps your skin repair itself.


 Lifting Serum

The highly concentrated, fast acting Anti-Age Serum tightens and tones the skin within seconds. Contains an exclusive cocktail of active ingredients to reduce visible signs of skin aging and give the skin back its elasticity.


 Lifting Mask

A nutrient rich mask. Within 10 minutes your skin will regain its fresh look.


Neck Lifting Cream

Remarkable lifting effects in combination with different anti-wrinkle complexes help your neck and decollete look younger and smoother.



 Wrinkle Filler - immediate effect


 Refresher Spray

A revitalizing spray that is perfectly suited to international air traveling or after excessive sun exposure or, to freshen up. Can be sprayed over make-up.